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"Lvsai" stands for an outstanding and long-term nutritional partner. We provide premixes, concentrates and compound feed with high quality. Thanks to our superior nutritional concept we support animal health and rapid gro

Babimel, the all-in porridge for piglets

Positive results have been obtained in recent months with Babimel in actual breeding practices. As a follow-up to the familiar and tasty Babito candy feed, a liquid variant has now been added to Nuscience’s pre-starter assortment...

We offer the very latest of scientifically backed and extensively tested innovations. Time and time again, our customers get a head start.

亚洲彩票 Apart from delivering the most innovative products, we will increasingly present ourselves as your future partner and, as such, we offer an extensive range of services. In the past we have operated under a variety of brand names but to make our broad range of products even more clearly to our customers, we have decided to streamline all our activities under a new name: Nuscience, a contraction of ‘nutrition’ and ‘science’. This change illustrates clearly what our partners can expect from us.