Pigs Feed

Through years and years of delivering outstanding quality, our premix/concentrate/compound products for pigs have widely received appreciation from our customers.

Babimel, the all-in porridge for piglets

Positive results have been obtained in recent months with Babimel in actual breeding practices. As a follow-up to the familiar and tasty Babito candy feed, a liquid variant has now been added to Nuscience’s pre-starter assortment...

Piglets Starters/Growers/finishers
Babimel    Babito
Jinnai        Easywean
Vitawean   Vitasafe
Biostart     Prestart
VP02/03-4% AA PLUS
VP04-4% AA
FP02/03-4% AA PLUS
FP04-4% AA
Breeders   Supplements  
VP05-5% P   VP05-5% G
VP05-5% L   VP05-5% FL
VP05-5% B   FP-4% G
FP-4% L
Aromabiotic  Mycozym
Vitamilk    Richmilk
Vitapunch   Vitaboar